Updated: November 3rd, 2008

The best things in life are free!  A quick web search will yield hundreds of websites that offer free products. Sadly, most have a catch involved for you to actually obtain that free item.  However, here are a few categories of items that are truly FREE:

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If you need to find information about someone that you just can't get using Google or a "regular" search engine, an online Background Check service is the fastest and most convenient way to do it.

Unfortunately with hundreds of online background check services to choose from, finding the one that provides the best service for your money can be a challenge

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Deals That You Are Not Supposed To Know About

Everyone likes a great deal – it makes shopping much more satisfying. Sometimes we learn about secret deals from our best friends who work at a particular corporation or through mailings via the Internet.  While stores and businesses make it a priority not to expose these deals to the public, the average shopper can save hundreds with this savvy knowledge... ‘

Internet Scams To Watch For In 2008

We have all received these unscrupulous messages in our junk mail folders: pesky e-mail subject lines reading “Prize Notifications” or “Check This Out!”  Indeed, there is a medley of scams combing the Internet.  Unfortunately, some Internet users cannot decipher what is real and what is a scam.

The word scam has several definitions...

Consumers Guides Special Report - Testing The Top Online Record Services
  • The Best Marriage Record Services
    If you are looking up someone's past marriage history, it is absolutely essential that you use nothing but the most accurate records available.  False records could ruin your relationship.

  • The Best People Search Services
    If you want to find someone online, a people search service can do this instantly. However, most people search services don't work. Here, we've put these services to the test. Our results were shocking!

  • Public Record Reviews
    Thanks to the power of the internet, you can go now online and grab Public Records on just about anyone. If you know where to look, it’s now easy to pull up information on someone such as:

  • Criminal Record Reviews
    If you do a search on Google for “Criminal Records” you will see that there are literally dozens of sites claiming to offer access to this information, but unfortunately not all of them are created equal. 

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